I’ll admit it. I’ve always loved reading much more than I loved school work. And to be honest, most of the students in your classrooms would probably agree with me. So, in my lesson guides, I’ve put together some ways to help make my children’s books a learning experience which goes beyond the written word. Plus, I’ve created guides that are in line with Common Core standards for 3rd Grade students. If you would like help in making lesson plans for another grade level, please visit the Common Core website: www.corestandards.org.

There is one guide for each of my three books, COOLIES, BROTHERS, and DEAR SANTA. To open a guide to view, download or print, all you need to do is click on its image and the guide will open in a new browser window.

I suggest that teachers use these guides, or their own lesson plans, in class before any virtual- or in-class author visit. This way we can devote more time for student-author interaction. And, I always love feedback. Suggestions for how to improve the guides or any material on my website is always welcome.

Download Lesson Guide PDFs