reading-fun-200x200I never planned on becoming an author. That developed very naturally out of my love of storytelling, being with children and a desire to help people.

The author visit and speaking programs which my husband and I have been doing for years, are an extension of these same drives. I really enjoy providing children with an opportunity to learn about and openly discuss subjects which were never taught while I was in school.

Whether I am in front of a small classroom of kids, or behind a podium in front of a large assembly, my author visits encourage participants to share through storytelling, promote a fun understanding of different cultures, and provide a platform which encourages active learning.

The programs are structured around Chinese-American history and the cultural aspects of immigration in America. I have presented both day and evening programs at schools and I am willing to travel to other states and internationally. For more information, please go to my in-person school visits and virtual visits web pages.


“In an impressive debut, Yin illuminates a dark corner of American history–the monumental labor of the thousands of Chinese immigrants who helped build the transcontinental railroad.” – As reviewed by Publishers Weekly