We offer three programs that can be structured to meet any particular needs of a school district, school or teacher in any time frame. For example, if you require a 60-minute presentation instead of a 45-minute one, please let us know and we can work together to expand the program you choose. If you would like to tailor any program to a younger or older participants, that is possible as well. For details, fees, or to discuss specific programs, please contact me.  If you are a school outside the 50-mile radius of New York City, please consider joining forces with neighboring schools for a discounted pro-rated fee. The savings can be substantial.


PROGRAM A: Chinese Translation

LENGTH: 45 minutes

FEE: $2,000 plus expenses

Yin, the author of award-winning books COOLIES and BROTHERS will share her experiences growing up as a Chinese-American and how she was able to balance the two cultures. Included in the program are visual demonstrations of how she celebrates Lunar New Year and how she was inspired to write.

Chinese Translation supports teachers all over the world who are using use her books to teach tolerance, cultural understanding, immigration issues, and as an introduction to Chinese history.

Chris and Yin

PROGRAM B: Beyond Written Words

PRESENTERS: Chris Soentpiet & Yin (2 speakers)
LENGTH: 45 minutes

FEE: $3,000 plus expenses

The award-winning author and illustrator team of Chris Soentpiet and Yin (also husband and wife) will present to your school the behind-the-scenes story about the creation of award-winning books such as COOLIES, BROTHERS and DEAR SANTA, PLEASE COME TO THE 19TH FLOOR. They emphasize the importance of hard work in the book making process of both words and art.

A drawing demonstration by Chris and time for questions and answers from the audience follow.

Beyond Written Words celebrates multi-cultural literature, Asian studies and immigration in America. The program can be tailored to individual school and grade-level needs. It is a celebration of our love of reading and the arts and is suitable for all grade levels.

Both Chris and Yin have won multiple awards for their books and illustrations including the prestigious International Reading Association (IRA) Children Book of the Year and Parents Choice Gold Award.


PROGRAM C: Picturing the World

PRESENTER: Chris Soentpiet
LENGTH: 45 minutes

FEE: $2,000 plus expenses

Chris Soentpiet’s is an acclaimed illustrator in the children’s book world, so quite naturally, his school visits include plenty of visuals. He’s also very entertaining!

This program is designed to give an insight into his creative process. Viewers will be surprised about how much research and hard work is involved! An entertaining drawing demonstration by Chris and time for questions and answers follow the presentation.

Picturing the World supports Language Arts, Social Studies, Diversity, Adoption, Asian Studies and Multi-cultural topics. In addition, his books are great tools to teach Grades 1 through 6 about other cultures, tolerance, respect of community and self.

If you would prefer an “art” theme, Chris can adjust the program to discuss his art techniques. Please go to for more information about his career, illustrations and awards.

“Chris and Yin, it doesn’t get better than this. What a team! It was fabulous to work with you both. You’ve been a great inspiration to us all.” – Media Specialist, Crofton House in Vancouver, Canada