yin_publicityMy real name is Rosanna, but everyone calls me Yin. I was born in Bensonhurst, New York – a small town outside of Brooklyn. When I was three, my family moved into the housing projects located in the lower east side of Manhattan. The neighborhood was rough and the only way my brother and I avoided drugs and gangs was to be as smart on the street as we were in class– and that meant studying hard.

After college, armed with my finance degree, I found a job I writing financial reports a large company on Wall Street. The position paid well, my co-workers were nice, but I never felt satisfied with my work.

Like the characters in my books, I have always enjoyed helping people. So, I earned my nursing degree and started working (where???) (doing what???). I was very happy and I think that’s what charmed a young illustrator named Chris Soentpiet. We fell in love and married soon after.

Becoming children’s book author never entered my mind until I started helping Chris manage his illustration business. As I participated with him in book signings, speaking engagements and school visits, I found that I loved reading to children.

In my free time, I would think about telling my own stories, ones which would deal with the contributions the Chinese and other immigrants made to America. Chris agreed to illustrate my story and the result was my first book, COOLIES.

“In an impressive debut, Yin illuminates a dark corner of American history–the monumental labor of the thousands of Chinese immigrants who helped build the transcontinental railroad.” – As reviewed by Publishers Weekly